DifferentMen’s and women’s days of the week
чоловічі та жіночі дні тиждня vicreativity

Men’s and women’s days of the week

It is believed that the days of the week have feminine and masculine energy.
Knowing the properties of each day, you can use them to the maximum.

Men’s days are suitable for starting new affairs, planning, working with documents, physical and mental work.

On women’s days, it is desirable to slow down, ground yourself, take care of household chores, cleaning, tidy up the house, bring beauty, it is better not to start new things.

Men’s days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Women’s days are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Sunday is a genderless day and carries mixed energies, so it’s great for fun and family time.

Knowing the energy of the day is useful for rituals, women’s rituals are performed on women’s days, men’s rituals on men’s days, respectively.
Rituals for health and money work better on men’s days, and on women’s days for love and pregnancy.
It is not advisable to perform any rituals on Sunday.

I have always loved Fridays, but I planned all kinds of beauty treatments and massages for Wednesday.

And what is your favorite day of the week?

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