DifferentSolar eclipse
солнечное затмение в апреле vicreativity

Solar eclipse

On April 20 we will have a total solar eclipse, as well as a new moon 🌙
A magical day when the Sun and Moon are combined.
The denser the blackout, the more it affects people, and this time it’s total.

Therefore, it is better not to plan anything on the day of the eclipse, because natural forces are stronger than us.
We cannot see the whole picture and can make mistakes, make decisions that we later regret.
But the blackout is like a cosmic seal, all decisions are made on this day – it is impossible to roll back.
Be careful with thoughts and wishes on this day.

The impact of this particular eclipse will last for about two years!
That is, all the actions that begin now will develop over the course of two years.

A new energy is being born in Aries, prompting us to be active, to act and to start what we have been putting off for a long time.

The eclipse causes changes, we change and our lives change. Thanks to what we develop and move forward.

What aspects of life will be affected by this eclipse for each zodiac sign, expect in the next post.

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