DifferentHow I came to the world of esoterics
як я прийшла у світ езотерики мій шлях vicreativity

How I came to the world of esoterics

I often see the stories of modern tarot readers, esotericists, how one day they met someone, life changed and they became interested in the esoteric world.

I didn’t have this, because I don’t remember the times before esotericism.

It so happened that in my family, in addition to the fact that everyone is superstitious, everyone sees prophetic dreams, we also had a great-grandmother, to whom they came from different parts of the world for a hint.

Therefore, for me, the world of magic, signs, rituals are ordinary everyday life.

Having learned to read, the first thing that interested me was astrology, the magic of names and heromancy.

At the age of 13 I became interested in tarot, and at the age of 14 I drew my first tarot deck.

Then I got a medical education, then a physiologist, which gave me logical explanations for many rituals and somehow everything came together in my head into one system.

In my first job (a nurse), my side income was taro and healthy teas that I made to order.

And then when people began to come to me directly to the hospital so that I could “guess” them, I became scared. That I would lose my life altogether and devote all my time to people. Moreover, my husband did not support me at all. So I made the decision to end it, threw away my cards, and went to work at a “normal” job.

And then the war came. I started to think about what I want to do … and went to the tarot course to refresh my knowledge, and then training in numerology.

The first consultations – and I got high.

It’s so cool to see the potential of a person and help him reach his maximum.

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